Blackjack Switch Strategy

The game of blackjack switch is a variation on traditional blackjack that brings a new level of complexity to the game. The player plays two hands at once against the dealer and has the option to switch cards from one hand to the other, hence the name of the game.


Many of the rules for blackjack switch are the same as traditional blackjack; however there are some changes you must be aware of. A dealer hand of 22 will tie with any player hand except for a two-card 21. The dealer typically hits soft 17 in blackjack switch. This game pays off with even money rather than 3-to-2.

Upcard Strategy

Understanding blackjack switch strategy as it relates to upcards is a valuable tool in this game. The best dealer upcards are seven through ace. With these, the dealer can use a ten-value card to make a pat hand. Weak dealer upcards are three through six. The worst blackjack upcard for a player to come up against is a two. In blackjack switch, the dealer can achieve a 22 with two tens, which will push anything other than a player's two-card 21.

Switching Strategy

Blackjack switch strategy revolves strongly around knowing when to switch. In general, you should switch cards any time it will increase your changes against the dealer. Even when it means opting for a "stiff" hand, switching is the best blackjack switch strategy when it improves your hand even marginally. Familiarize yourself with basic blackjack strategy before you attempt to play blackjack switch so you can make smart decisions about how to improve your hand.

Blackjack switch is an ideal game for players who are looking for something challenging. If you're interested in a more relaxing game that requires less thinking and strategy, consider a more traditional option such as slots.