Play Football Keno

Football, or soccer, is a common theme for many online casino games, including keno. Individuals around the world love the sport and online football themed keno games are just as popular.

Football Themed Keno Features

The football theme adds more excitement to the game of online keno. Rather than typical keno balls, soccer balls are drawn with the winning numbers imprinted on them. By the end of the game, the screen is full of an assortment of footballs in various sizes and colors. Sound effects that simulate the cheers of sports fans make it even more exciting.

Football Keno Game Play

In line with the football theme, the keno board is set up like a soccer field. Rather than simply choosing numbers on the grid, individuals select from various player jersey numbers. Some variations allow the player to choose colors for their jerseys, while others feature real football teams so players can root for their personal favorites.

Is Football Themed Keno Different?

While the features and appearance of football keno are different, the actual layout and game play are not. The board consists of 80 numbered spaces, just like a traditional keno grid, but is laid out horizontally to represent the field. Like a standard keno game, players can choose up to 15 different numbers before the 20 winning numbers are drawn.

Online football keno is a creative twist to the classic casino game of keno. Football keno is played in the same way as the traditional version, but with additional features that make the game even more exciting.