Winning at Online Keno

Online keno is an extremely popular casino game because it's very easy to win big if you take the time to learn a few basics first.

Single and Multi Keno Tickets

Most online keno games allow players to choose to play between one and five tickets in a single round. You can select up to ten numbers on each ticket so players who buy multiple cards can play as many as 50 different selections. Payouts are often higher for multi ticket wins, but it's best to develop your strategy by playing single cards first.

Placing Your Keno Bets

Whether you play a single ticket or multiple keno cards, the biggest payouts are generally available to players who select the fewest numbers. While single number bets appear to be the most lucrative, the odds of making a match are much better when you play more numbers. Small wagers on at least five numbers will pay off more than single number bets in the long run.

Learning to Play Online Keno

Before you start placing real money wagers on keno, spend some time playing free online casino games first. Many casinos offer free play or play for fun options that will allow you to get familiar with the game. You can practice various betting strategies and get a feel for exactly how game play progresses, although you can't keep any winnings.

As long as you understand the rules and the best betting practices, online keno can be a fun and enjoyable casino game that can help you increase your bankroll.