Online Keno Strategies

Online keno is an extremely popular casino game because it's quick and very easy to learn. There are two primary online keno strategies that players tend to use.

Random Numbers

The first strategy is to use different numbers each time a keno ticket is played. Some players will randomly select the numbers that appeal to them at the time, while many prefer to use the quick pick feature that will mark the desired number of spaces for them automatically. The numbers selected using this keno strategy may or may not have any significance to the player.

Repeated Patterns

Individuals who prefer the other online keno strategy usually play numbers that hold some sort of meaning, whether it's birthdays, phone numbers, or just lucky digits. Like many regular lottery players, these keno fans repeat the same numbers every time they play a card. Automatic play features that repeatedly play the same ticket for a specified number of rounds can be beneficial to this strategy.

Which Online Keno Strategy Is Best?

Keno is a game of luck so there isn't a proven strategy that will help you win. Many people think that betting patterns make the game of keno more enjoyable, whether they repeat the same numbers or come up with new ones on every ticket. Other individuals like the excitement of choosing random numbers every time they play. But neither strategy will have any real effect on your odds of winning.

Online keno strategies are a matter of personal preference. The only effective strategy for keno is to understand the odds before you play.