Benefits of Online Keno

Keno has always been a favorite casino game, but the extra features in online keno make the game even more exciting. There are a number of reasons players prefer online keno.

Multiple Tickets for More Winnings

In the past, the biggest downfall of online keno was the lack of features, particularly the fact that players couldn't bet on multiple cards with different selections. Some of the best online keno games now support this feature, allowing players to purchase multiple cards to use for a single round to make the most of their keno session. Each card is marked independently and paid out accordingly.

Quick Pick for Faster Game Play

Another appealing feature of many online keno games is the quick pick option. Rather than taking the time to select their own numbers, players can enable this feature and the game will randomly select the specified number of spaces on each ticket. Most online keno games that have this option also allow the player to make changes to the generated selection if needed.

Flexible Payouts for More Control

Online keno pays out based on the number of matches, as well as the number of spaces that were selected. With the best online keno games, you can play multiple tickets simultaneously on different payout structures. For instance, you can try your luck at big winnings by selecting just three spaces on one ticket, while spreading out your chances by picking the maximum number on another card.

Along with the convenience of gambling online, the features of today's best online keno games make online keno a favorite for both new and experienced players.